Introducing the New OxyKnight Watch

A New and Innovative Smart Watch Monitor What is the OxyKnight Watch? The OxyKnight Watch is a is a smart sleep oximetry monitor that seamlessly measures, organizes, and manages data in conjunction with our mobile app. Our pulse oximeter watch is extremely comfortable to wear and operates continuously…

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CMI is dedicated to providing innovation in patient monitoring. We have developed, manufactured and marketed Oximeters, Vital Sign Monitors and Patient Monitors since 2000. As an industry leader, CMI having provided proven technology to hospitals, physicians and other health professionals now delivers a viable solution for those focusing on telemedicine.






OxyKnight Watch

Smart Home Sleep Oximetry Monitor

A smart watch monitors, manages and shares overnight sleep SpO2, pulse rate and sleep quality at home with mobile App. Clinical grade HRPO (High Resolution Pulse Oximetry) for individuals with snoring, sleep apnea, COPD, AFib and etc.. Real-time alarm based on sleep events gives you and your loved ones a peace of mind.


Smart Personal Spirometer

The smartest way to track and manage pulmonary conditions like COPD and Asthma at home.

PC-102 Upper Arm Blood Pressure & Oximeter Monitor
PC-303 All-in-One Health Station

PC-66 Series Handheld Pulse Oximeter

A great device for all ages, especially for children and infants, ideal for both spot checking and continuously monitoring.

Professional Smart Affordable Health Monitoring