Telehealth Solution for Children’s Asthma Management (Tele-CAS)

CMI Health’s Telehealth Solution for Children’s Asthma Management At Home is great for monitoring, tracking and managing Asthma. Powered by CMI Health's home use spirometer, continuous oximetry monitor, and cloud-based mobile App, Tele-CAS helps to connect patients with their doctors remotely and achieve better outcomes.

Problems To Solve For Children’s Asthma Management At Home

1. Lack of advanced and affordable devices that have the ability to conveniently record, track, and share data

2. Difficulty for doctors to track patient’s condition in real-time and medicine compliance at home

3. Asthma treatment progress highly relies on office visit

4. Parents concern about their child having asthma attack/oxygen desaturation during sleep

CMI Health’s Telehealth Solution

Asthmatic children perform daily measurements at home using CMI Health’s Smart Spirometer (SpiroLink®) and Wrist Oximeter (OxyKnight® Watch Lite)

All measurement data can sync to cloud platform and share with doctors

Parents track results and trends from mobile app

Real-time alarm on phone app

Doctors can remotely monitor and communicate with children/parents via dashboard

Solution Hardware

SpiroLink® – CMI Health’s Smart Spirometer
Connect to mobile APP via Bluetooth
Take daily measurements (PEF, FEV1, FVC, FEV1/FVC and more)

OxyKnight® Watch Lite – CMI Health’s Wrist Oximeter
Connect to mobile APP via Bluetooth
Continuous monitoring blood oxygen and pulse rate

Parent’s smartphone or tablet
Download and install the SpiroLink® APP (Android or IOS)
Sync device data, monitor and manage health conditions

Doctor’s PC/Tablet/Smartphone
Log onto doctor’s portal to monitor all patients from doctor’s dashboard


Great for self-monitoring, tracking and managing Asthma

Simple to use and easy to read

Connects to cloud based mobile App via Bluetooth

Predicted warning based on data trend

Comprehensive weekly reports

Low maintenance technology

OxyKnight® Watch Lite

Continuously monitor blood oxygen and pulse rate for children from age 2 year+

Clinical Grade HRPO (High Resolution Palse Oximetry)

Data sync to the same mobile App

Real-time alarm received on the parent’s mobile app when oxygen level is low /pulse rate is high (with optional OxyKnight® Gateway)

Comfortable wearable design

Help predict asthma attacks and give parents peace of mind