Authentic Telemedicine

CMI TPI System is a one of a kind telemedicine platform suitable for a variety of remote care scenarios. With ourspecially integrated All-in-One Telemedicine Kit, a doctor can remotely perform a detailed physical examination, gaining a precise, definitive picture of the patient's condition.

CMI Home All-in-One Telemedicine Kit

  • Finger Pulse Oxymetry
  • Blood Pressure
  • Ear Thermometer
  • Easy ECG Monitor
  • Glucometer
  • Secure Video Call

CMI Professional All-in-One Telemedicine Kit

  • Digital Stethoscope
  • Examination Camera
  • Otoscope
  • Iriscope
  • Finger Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure
  • Easy ECG Monitor
  • Ear Thermometer
  • Glucometer
  • Secure Video Call

CMI TPI System For Patients

CMI TPI's patient portal is a user-friendly app for patients to manage their health and teleconsult doctors.

  • Securely store your health records and history.
  • Schedule appointment and consult your doctor via secure video call.
  • Pay the doctor's fee with a credit card.

CMI TPI System for Doctors

CMI TPI's doctor portal is an app for doctors to offer telemedicine video visits to their patients.

  • Maintain a public profile so patient can find you.
  • Patients fill out symptoms and history and send you a consultation request.
  • Review patient record and talk to the patient face to face over a secure video call.
  • Write e-prescriptions and doctor's note.
  • The patient pays your fee with a credit card.

Patient Care Scenarios with CMI TPI System

Nonemergency Acute Illness

Diagnose cold and flu symptoms, fever, bronchitis, allergies, skin infection, and many other acute problems.

Chronic Illnesses

Provide convenience to patients who need frequent follow up visits.

Senior Living / Assisted Living

Provide easy access to doctors for residents and greatly reduce the need to transport resident to hospitals.

Second Opinions

Provide second opinions to patients with serious conditions or major procedures.

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