Caretaker Medical, maker of the wireless Caretaker® Finger-Cuff Patient Monitoring Platform for Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (“CNIBP”) & Wireless Vital Signs, today announced the addition of wireless ETCO2 (End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide) monitoring capability using the CMI Health PC-900B handheld capnograph and oximeter.

Left: CMI Health’s PC-900B handheld capnograph and oximeter; Middle: Caretaker® 4 wireless CNIBP monitor; Right: Caretaker® tablet App

The combined Caretaker & ETCO2 solution allows clinicians to monitor critical elements of patients’ respiratory status not previously possible in a wireless handheld device with display on a remote tablet App.  The solution displays the capnograph waveform and numeric ETCO2, FiCO2 (fractional inspired carbon dioxide), respiratory rate, and pulse oximetry on the remote Caretaker tablet App. The sidestream nasal cannula fits comfortably on the patient and samples expired carbon dioxide during exhalation, continuously streaming data from the PC-900B to the Caretaker display platform.   The airway adapter can be used for intubated patients.

ETCO2 monitoring is critical for patients during sedation procedures such as surgery, dental sedation, ambulatory and outpatient procedures, and emergency care, to monitor respiratory status.

“In surgical procedures requiring sedation or general anesthesia it is critical to continuously monitor the patient’s respiratory status. Monitoring End-tidal carbon dioxide provides that ability. I am pleased to see Caretaker has added EtCO2 to their platform of available sensors” said Dr. Gary H. Chan, DDS, FADSA, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and Dental Anesthesiologist

Dr. Ernie Luce, DDS commented, “The Caretaker wireless vital signs monitoring system has been effortless to integrate into our clinic, and adding ETCO2 is exactly what we need as an additional parameter for the platform. Electronic vital signs reports are easy to incorporate into a digital record, and with the capability to monitor continuous blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxyhemoglobin saturation, ECG and capnography, the Caretaker monitor will satisfy virtually any state dental board monitoring requirements for moderate sedation.”

Wherever ETCO2 monitoring is used, it can enhance patient safety, as it provides valuable information about cellular respiration and ventilatory status.  Often referred to as capnometry or capnography, the noninvasive technique provides a breath-to-breath picture and continuous recording of ventilatory effort, endotracheal tube placement, and respiratory status.  It provides near instantaneous feedback on ventilation effectiveness or respiratory compromise compared to a delayed pulse oximetry response, hence its value during sedation procedures when even a short delay can severely compromise patient care.  Early detection is a critical element to enhance patient safety especially in the prehospital and out-of-hospital care setting where ETCO2 sensors are also used as a primary indication of chest compression quality during cardiac resuscitation and have been the standard of care for 25 years in the operating room.

“We continue our commitment to expanding our innovative wireless patient monitoring platform, and by adding CMI Health’s ETCO2 to our existing CNIBP and Vital Signs parameters we answered the call of our clinicians who asked to monitor this critical respiratory parameter during sedation procedures,” said Jeff Pompeo, Caretaker Medical’s President & CEO.

The Caretaker wireless CNIBP and Vital Signs Monitor is FDA Cleared, CE-Mark certified, and available immediately.  For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact Caretaker Medical.

About CMI Health

CMI Health is an Alpharetta, Georgia based company dedicated to providing innovation in patient monitoring. CMI has developed, manufactured and marketed Oximeters, Vital Sign Monitors and Patient Monitors since 2000.  As an industry leader, CMI Health having provided proven technology to hospitals, physicians and other health professionals now delivers a viable solution for those focusing on telemedicine.

Their mission is to provide higher quality and more cost-effective monitoring devices for those receiving care at home, in the community or in a care facility.

Utilizing CMI’s “smart” technology clinicians and caregivers can monitor patients in real-time and expediting the transfer and sharing of patient data between the patient and healthcare professional. This technology is convenient, more cost effective and less time consuming. With the number of aging and chronically ill patients increasing, remote monitoring using telemedicine is playing a more important and beneficial role.

For more information please visit www.cmihealth.com or contact: info@cmihealth.com

About Caretaker Medical

Caretaker Medical is a Charlottesville, Virginia based wireless medical device firm focused on developing affordable, innovative, wireless patient monitoring solutions that improve outcomes, increase clinician productivity, and maximize patient compliance without compromising patient comfort. 

The wearable Caretaker4® monitor enables uninterrupted wire-free and electrode-free real-time vital signs monitoring throughout the full continuum of care, from clinic and hospital, to patient transport, and home monitoring after discharge.  Using only a comfortable, low-pressure finger cuff, Caretaker’s patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology non-invasively measures continuous Beat-by-Beat blood pressure, Heart Rate, and Respiration Rate for remote display on the Caretaker® Tablet App and other Remote Data Displays. The Caretaker cNIBP technology delivers “ICU Quality” continuous measurements without intrusive catheters or cumbersome wires, giving clinicians the ability to recognize developing trends earlier with more lead time for intervention while providing a more comprehensive view of a patient’s hemodynamic status.

More information is available at www.CaretakerMedical.net or inquiry@caretakermedical.net