CMI Health Inc. is pleased to attend our 4th consecutive annual ATA Show!


4/29-5/1 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. Booth 816.


Newest Smart Technology to remotely manage your lung health


CMI is excited to introduce at this year’s show our newest product, our Smart Spirometer, which we believe has the capability to revolutionize the management of various lung diseases such as; COPD/Asthma and other pulmonary diseases by allowing individuals to test their lung function, and share access to their medical team, daily from wherever they are. A key feature is the robust APP that goes with the device that allows for a historical record and graphing of results.  In addition to your own access, your doctor and virtually anyone (health coach/family member) you authorize can review your progress.


Manage Health and Technology in One Device


At this year’s show, CMI Health will also feature our signature All-In-One Health Monitors. CMI’s popular PC-102 All-In-One Health Monitor is a wearable device designed to measure blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse rate (optional glucose) with built-in Bluetooth and a compatible App for Android, and/or iOS smart phones.


When full remote patient monitoring is needed, or helpful, CMI’s PC-303 All-in-One Health Station is a fully integrated portable spot-check and monitoring system with built-in Android, and/or iOS tablet and Cellular/Wi-Fi connectivity.


CMI Health designs and distributes clinical-grade personal health management devices that leverage “smart” technology for remote vital-sign testing and medication management.


Our mission is to provide high quality, “Best in Class” telemedicine devices that are cost-effective for patients receiving care at home, or in a community care facility. Individuals who want to be proactive in managing health issues will find our devices very useful and reliable. Whereas there are many “fitness-oriented” devices on the market, CMI Health offers products that are FDA-approved and of clinical grade.


To schedule an online review and product demos, contact:


Mel Mendenhall


CMI Health, Inc.